Our designs are based upon the concept of seasonless style. It is our hope that instead of purchasing pieces seasonally, customers will have the opportunity to slowly collate a collection that evolves with them over time, eventually to be passed on to a new generation as cherished favourites that narrate rich experiences and ventures.

At the core of Duffle&Co is our commitment to closing the loop on our entire design and production model, with the intention to be fully circular by 2025. This means that nothing we create will enter landfill, thus be in a state of continuous circulation so our materials can be reclaimed, recycled and repurposed again and again.

Rent or Resell

In 2021 Duffle&Co was the first New Zealand brand to partner with AirRobe, to offer our customers the chance to let their bags live on through renting our reselling. AirRobe (My Circular Wardrobe) has unsurprisingly been dubbed the AirBnB of fashion. So how does it work? At checkout you have the option to add your purchase to ‘My Circular Wardrobe’. Upon purchase confirmation, you are directed to finalise a profile account on AirRobe’s website. AirRobe sends out a confirmation email with a link to the newly created Circular Wardrobe, with all the product information saved. You can then rent or resell your Duffle&Co piece when you are ready, with just one click!

“Being Founding Partners of AirRobe means we can offer our customers a real incentive to purchase mindfully,” says Emily Long, Creative Director and COO of Duffle&Co. “This tech just makes sense. It provides customers with the resources to rent or re-sell their gently used pieces, earning them extra money and giving our bags a second lease of life.”

If you didn’t create your ‘Circular Wardrobe’ at checkout when you originally purchased your Duffle&Co piece, you can still create it in your own time. Click here for more info.

Increasing the lifespan of your bag with our Reclamation Program

Our bags are handmade to be cherished. They only endure time if given the chance. If the time has come for you to part ways with your Duffle&Co piece, and you have already investigated our Repair Rewear program, then we are here to help.

Our Reclamation Buy Back Program allows us to either repair and resell, or deconstruct, recycle and reuse the components of your bag. If we repair it, we will resell it in our annual Sample Sale, rehoming your pre-loved bag with a new owner. Otherwise we will deconstruct it, and repurpose and recycle each part of the bag. Whilst we are still completing this phase of the program for our zips and lining, so far we can recycle our recycled leather, pinatex and organic cotton. We also donate some of these materials to school projects. For hardware, we collate these then re-use them for repairs, and also send them back to our workshop to repurpose them in new products we are sampling.

To submit your bag into our Reclamation Program, please email support@duffleandco.com with details of where you bought it and how long you have owned it for. Next we will arrange for it to be sent back to us, and upon inspection we will then issue you with a store credit as a thank you, based upon the condition of the bags when we inspect it.

By closing the loop between new and second-hand, together we can minimise our fashion footprint.

Terms and conditions

Acceptance of your product into the Reclamation Program is at the sole discretion of Duffle&Co. To be accepted, a bag or accessory must:

  1. Have already been assessed for our Repair, Rewear program and thus you have been advised already that your bag or accessory is suitable for our Reclamation Program.
  2. Have proof or purchase from Duffle&Co online, or from an official Duffle&Co stockist. This can be in the form of an e-receipt, or receipt scan from one of our dedicated stockists.

Please note that items already recycled and purchased at Duffle&Co’s annual Sample Sale will not be accepted. 

By sending back a bag or accessory to Duffle&Co you agree that if accepted by both parties, the product will be resold or recycled in exchange for a credit voucher not equal to the original purchase price. The value of the store credit will be determined by the Duffle&Co team based upon the condition of the bag. This can value from $10 to $100. Store credit is redeemable online only within a period of 12 months.

Shipping to Duffle&Co is at the responsibility and cost of the owner.