By working with small groups of talented craftsmen we ensure that each bag and accessory is meticulously made. Our artisans handcraft each detail, and when finished each product is hand signed by the person that made it.

Choosing handcrafted over mass production is how Duffle&Co started, to ensure that craftsmen are supported so they can provide for themselves and their families. We work with and empower talented artisans to enable them to rise out of poverty, and thrive.

All our artisans are paid more than double the fair living wage, their children are supported in education, and at our family run workshop in Bali home cooked meals are enjoyed on a daily basis! Because we have established close relationships with our workshops, families and artisans, and because you should know who made your bag, this is the only way we work.

Our Bali workshop

Each one of our ethically handmade leather (and pineapple leather) bags and accessories comes from our family owned and run workshop in Canggu, Bali. It is run by Master Craftsman Gito and Head Supplier and wife Sundari. Our craftsmen used to work for world famous surf brands and, like so many in Indonesia, lost their jobs due to the trade shift to China. When we met them in 2015 they were struggling to make ends meet, and unable to send their children to school. Did you know that it was meeting Sundari & Gito that solidified the beginnings of Duffle&Co? They made quite the impression on us! Fast forward and our workshop now supports over 15 talented artisans, the majority of which support extended families and send their children to school. Our workshop is very much a family environment, with Sundari often hosting communal lunches of traditional Indonesian cuisine. 

Heading up the workshop, Sundari is always full of life, no task is too big and she is always there to lend a helping hand! There are rumours in the office that this woman has super powers! With over 20 years experience, her husband Gito is very rightly the master craftsman. Like most artisans he takes great pride in his work and meticulously crafts everything down to the last stitch. He greets everyone coming into the workshop with big cheeky smile, always making you feel welcome!

Who made my bag?

Turn over the label on your new Duffle&Co bag or accessory. You'll find the signature of the craftsman who lovingly made it for you, and hand signed it as the final part of the process.

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*Image above is of Danny, one of our craftsmen.