Each Duffle&Co bag is meticulously handcrafted. It will stand the test of time if given the chance and cared for properly. Our Repair Rewear program ensures it keeps moving with you. If the time has come has come for you to part ways with your Duffle&Co piece, then we are here to help.

In 2021 we were the first in New Zealand to partner with AirRobe, an innovative platform offering a solution to waste. AirRobe is simple to use. By merging tech and e-commerce it allows you to build an online Circular Wardrobe, extend the life of purchases and earn money as you go!

“Being Founding Partners of AirRobe means we can offer New Zealanders a real incentive to purchase mindfully,” says Emily of Duffle&Co. “We’ve been looking for a solution to make our business model circular, so integrating this tech to Duffle&Co just makes sense. It’s good for the planet and good for your purse!”.

How it works

  1. When you add a Duffle&Co piece to your cart, click “Add to my Circular Wardrobe”.
  2. Checkout as normal. Upon purchase confirmation, you will then be directed to finalise your profile on AirRobe’s website. This is a quick process.
  3. AirRobe sends out a confirmation email with a link to your Circular Wardrobe, with all the product information and photos of your Duffle&Co piece saved.
  4. If the time comes to part ways with your Duffle&Co, you can easily choose to rent or resell it with one click.

“I believe that we can work together to build new value..."says Hannon Comazzetto, Founder of AirRobe. “One that focuses on reusing, recycling, and re-selling fashion to create a circular re-commerce system. The solution is simple. With one platform the fashion industry, designers, and shoppers can work together as a community to create a new economy."