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Article: Tree planting: a change in strategy

Tree planting: a change in strategy

Tree planting: a change in strategy

Helping our ecosystem and giving back to Mother Nature has always been at the core of what we do. From empowering talented craftsmen to planting mangrove trees to support fragile ecosystems in Indonesia, we've kept it our priority to use this business as a force for good. Although we continue to work with Eden Reforestation Projects to support communities and fragile ecosystems, there has been a slight change in direction, with the aim to make a bigger (positive) impact for our environment globally.

Mangrove tree planting project

Why the pivot from planting mangrove trees to landscape reforestation?

In our work with Eden Reforestation Projects thus far we have focused our efforts on reforesting mangroves on islands around Indonesia. As this is where our first workshop is based it made sense to us to start in an area close to our hearts. As emerging evidence suggests that planting trees alone is not moving the global needle on poverty nor adequately addressing the pressures driving landscape degradation and conversion worldwide, a transition to Landscape Restoration is necessary.

What is Landscape Reforestation? 

Landscape Restoration is a standards-based approach that generates environmental, socioeconomic, and biodiversity benefits in critical landscapes around the world. It is a more holistic and longer-term method of restoration and conservation, delivering more comprehensive benefits to communities and the ecosystem services we all depend on.

Why did we partner with Eden Reforestation Projects?

Core landscape restoration methods include seedling production, diverse species planting, assisted natural regeneration, agroforestry, seed bed restoration, fire management, and erosion control planting. With each of these methods, Eden uses avoided conversion, high-quality indigenous species, and prioritises biodiversity.

Eden Reforestation Projects works with Duffle&Co to plant trees

How does this reforestation support communities? 

Through collaboration and science-based restoration practices, Eden will generate substantive benefits designed explicitly by and for each community that supports their well-being, raises living conditions, and restores their environment.

Does Duffle&Co still plant trees though?

Tree planting is still a fundamental part of landscape restoration and we will continue to work with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant 5 trees for every Duffle&Co product sold. These trees will be donated to sites that need them most across Africa (Mozambique and Kenya) and the Americas (Brazil) and won't just be mangrove trees but a mixture of native species chosen for each site.

Duffle&Co with Eden Reforestation Projects

How many trees did Duffle&Co plant in 2023?

In 2023, every Duffle&Co piece that found a new home planted 5 trees at sites that needed them most. As of the end of 2023, we planted a total of 48,094 trees! We couldn't have achieved this without your help and we thank you for supporting the cause to use fashion for good.

You can learn more about Eden Reforestation Project's Landscape Reforestation initiative here or shop the collection and help us to plant more trees!

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