Behind the scenes with Duffle&Co

Welcome to Duffle&Co! We create handcrafted luxury bags that don't compromise your values. By implementing age-old artisanship techniques and working with small groups of talented craftsmen, each of our bags is meticulously made. Each item is hand signed by the person that made it, and each purchase plants 5 mangrove trees. The positive social and environmental impact of the way that we work is felt all over the world, but it’s our humble beginnings in Aotearoa New Zealand that is synonymous to the way we work.

So who are Duffle&Co?

Back in 2015 our founder Danny met some craftsmen on the side of the road in Indonesia. They were extremely skilled at their leather craft, but were struggling to make ends meet. Our head craftswoman Sundari (featured in the below video) took Danny back to the workshop to show him how her and her family worked. 

They had all lost their jobs working for two well known fashion brands, who had moved production overseas for cheap labour. They were left with nothing living below the poverty line, unable to send their children to school.

With some good old fashion Kiwi ingenuity, Danny and his friend Kai bought the first few bags and began working on designs alongside Sundari and her family. Shipping began from under Dannys bed and a website was built. Duffle&Co was born.

Behind the scenes with Duffle&Co at their family run workshop in Bali


Today Duffle&Co is run from New Zealand by Danny and his partner Emily, who work to unite ethical production with naturally derived sustainable materials, to bring you handcrafted luxury bags that don’t compromise your values. They have expanded their workshops and now have a bigger family run one in Bali with Sundari and her family, and also another in India.

"One of our long term goals is to empower talented artisans from all across the world in continuing their heritage craft. Our workshop in Bali was the first, and the perfect example of how artisans can thrive when empowered to continue doing the craft they love. Each bag has empowered them and their families, as well as helping to restore the environment through our tree planting program" - Emily, Creative Director and COO.

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