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Article: Your guide to pre-order with Duffle&Co

Your guide to pre-order with Duffle&Co

Your guide to pre-order with Duffle&Co

Wondering what pre-order means? Here's a handy guide so you can be sure to get your Duffle&Co pieces made specially for you. 

Over the years we have allowed our customers to shop a little differently. Whilst we still hold some stock, ordering a Duffle&Co product on pre-order allows you to have your very own bag or accessory made for you, so you don't have to wait until we restock it! 

What is pre-order? 

If you go to a Duffle&Co product on our website and it's marked as available via pre-order, this means that we will make it especially for you. You can still place your order, and we will then pop it into production for you and deliver it in 4-6 weeks.

We have decided to work in this way so that we don't over produce product that sits on our warehouse shelves waiting for an owner. It means smarter production and means that you get something personally handcrafted just for you!

Why do we have pre-order?

We don't like to over make, and want to avoid product sitting on shelves and going into sale. (This is why we only have 2 sales a year). Working in this way means that we can be responsible in how we use materials and resources, and make the best use of our artisans time. 

What is our lead time for pre-order? 

Any of our pieces available for pre-order will be specially handmade for you, and be delivered to your door in 4-6 weeks.

Why should you pre-order?

Ordering an item that is available via pre-order means that you are guaranteed to get it. We only order small amounts of stock every few months, and the rest is made-to-order for our corporate clients. So if you order via pre-order, you are getting a special Duffle&Co piece that is being handmade just for you. You can also pat yourself on the shoulder; you've not only planted 5 trees but also supported a certified B Corporation that is doing things a little differently.

Can you still make It Personal on pre-order? 

Of course! We don't want anyone to miss out on those special little details that make each piece unique. You'll still have the option to add personalisation to your chosen bag or accessory at checkout, and we'll still ship it to you, after a brief stopover at our local studio in Mount Maunganui. 


Want to personalise your next Duffle&Co piece? Make It Personal here. 

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