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Article: Travel Series: Kiwis Off Course Take Melbourne

Travel Series: Kiwis Off Course Take Melbourne

Travel Series: Kiwis Off Course Take Melbourne

One of our favourite nomadic families is Kiwi's Off Course. This globe-trotting trio have recently become a four, but will that stop them from exploring the best the world has to offer? Absolutely not! We caught up with them after they embarked on a trip to Melbourne, Australia, with Duffle&Co bags to help them in their travels.

Kiwis Off Course travel photography

As they wandered amongst artistically painted walls and discovered Korean-style chicken waffles, they were delighted to explore all the city had to offer. As an ode to the place known for being the World's most liveable city, they've shared with us somewhat of a Melbourne must-see, do, and eat itinerary. 

What's an absolute must do while in Melbourne that you've been telling everyone about? 

We loved exploring Brunswick! It has such a cool vibe! While walking down the main street you are surrounded by amazing street art, delicious coffee spots, quirky stores and second hand shops. Never a dull moment in Brunswick!

If you could only choose one restaurant to visit during your stay in Melbourne, which one would it be? 

We loved Project 281 Coffee Roasters. They roast their own coffee and had a delicious lunch menu. I had the Korean chicken on waffles and it was amazing! With having little ones we also enjoyed going to breweries - they do it differently in Aussie! Very family friendly with playgrounds and games to entertain the kids - we loved Moon Dog Craft Brewery.

Were those All Day Donuts really as good as Brett made them seem?

Brett from Kiwis Off Course enjoying All Day Donuts

Yes! Yum! They were! I (Bianca) was pregnant at the time and craving donuts…All Day Donuts definitely fulfilled my cravings.

Did Melbourne live up to your expectations? 

Yes! This was our second time in Melbourne as Brett's brother and his family live there. We love getting a taste of the city life, there is always something to do and the food and coffee is just amazing! We can’t wait to go back and visit them. 

When it comes to planning a trip, where do you start? 

I like talking to locals to find out what the best things to do and eat are. I’ll scan Google and social media for anything extra but mainly like to see what the locals recommend. 

When you're travelling, which Duffle&Co piece is always at your side?

Brett loves his Cooke pouch as it’s small and compact to fit his cards, which is super handy when you are traveling. I took the Beeby Bumbag as it is useful when carrying our little one around but also looks stylish! Very practical while on holiday.

Bianca from Kiwis Off Course in MelbourneBianca from Kiwis Off Course with Duffle&Co's Beeby Bumbag

Now that you've welcomed a beautiful fourth addition, will we still catch you travelling the globe as a family? 

I hope so! We hope to do an overseas trip every couple of years if we can. We love travelling and can’t wait to share the adventure with our little ones. But in the meantime we try to get away as often as we can and travel around our beautiful backyard - so many places in New Zealand we are yet to discover.

Of all the places you've travelled to, which are your favourite and why? 

Oh, this is a hard question! Our top 3 places are Italy, Portugal and Turkey!

Italy because of the food, the language and how diverse each place is! We have been three times to all different places and there is still so many places we are yet to visit.

Portugal for beaches and surf and the laid back culture.

Turkey for the people, culture and the diverse places. We loved hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, sailing on a yacht to visit pristine beaches, and relaxing in the thermal waters of Pamukkale.


Want to go on tour with Bianca & Brett? Follow their journey on Instagram @kiwisoffcourse or get their travel tips and insights on their website here.

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