10 ways to use your Duffle&Co reusable drawstring bag

If you are the proud owner of one of our Duffle&Co products, you'll have noticed that we sent it to you in a natural cotton drawstring bag. 

This drawstring bag is special, and so much more than a simple layer of packaging! Most companies use single-use plastic to protect items during the shipping process. We aren't like other companies. Our bags are sent to you in home compostable, biodegradable plastic free mail bags. If we need to stuff your bag so it keeps it shape during the shipping process, we'll use paper that can be recycled as opposed to plastic based stuffing.

You've probably guessed by this point that we think plastic is not so fantastic, that's why we decided to create reusable, natural cotton drawstring bags instead! That way, you can not only store your beloved Duffle in a protective layer to stop it from getting scratched, you can also reuse it to help you with lots of different things! 

Here's 10 ways to use your free Duffle&Co reusable drawstring bag:

    1. As a camera bag
    2. For travel toiletries
    3. For storing period products
    4. To store your hairdryer, straighteners or curlers
    5. For keeping tech safe - let's keep those wires in order!
    6. As a delicates wash bag when you do laundry
    7. To carry your fruit & veg at the market
    8. The large ones are great for gym bags!
    9. For keeping jewellery safe when your travelling
    10. For gift giving!









Whether you purchase your Duffle&Co product from one of our retailers, or from us online, it will come in a free reusable drawstring bag.

How else do you use your drawstring bag? Let us know what we've missed and even better, tag us in a picture of you using it on social media! #duffleandco