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Article: Travel Series: Adventure & Lifestyle Photographer Bri Woolnough

Travel Series: Adventure & Lifestyle Photographer Bri Woolnough

Travel Series: Adventure & Lifestyle Photographer Bri Woolnough

Once a month, join us as we dive deeper into travel, bringing you tips, tricks and inspiration from our favourite creators, explorers and adventurers around New Zealand and beyond.

For this journal feature we caught up with Bri Woolnough, the model and creative behind our recent Bri Tote launch campaign. And yes, you guessed it, the Bri Raw Edged Tote is named after her!

You may recognise Bri from her adventures around South Island in her Toyota Land Cruiser @sunnythe70, with Feldon Shelter, camera and surf board always to hand. Her lifestyle and adventure photography has captured the hearts and souls of many an inquisitive traveler (including the team here at Duffle&Co) and her passion for conscious living beautifully compliments her lifestyle.

@briwoolnough on instagram

Image above taken from Instagram @briwoolnough

As we asked Bri the below questions, she was about to cross Arthur's Pass. If that doesn't conjure up the best image of remote working, we don't know what will!

Where was the Bri Tote shoot captured in New Zealand?
This shoot was a part of a bigger adventure around a few of my favourite places in Otago and Southland. We ventured up valleys near Omarama, old mines and lakes in central Otago and out to the east coast beaches in the south.

Bri Woolnough with Bri Tote

When you are on the go, what are your 'must-pack' travel items?
I’ve always got to have my camera on me, whether it’s my Pentax Film camera or my DSLR, I barely leave home without one or the other. On any adventure I always take a good book and some togs and a towel too. I find that the only time I can sit down and read a book, is when I’m set up somewhere in nature, by some sort of body of water, that’s when the togs come in handy too.

If you could go back to anywhere in NZ to spend a weekend, where would it be?
I’d love to go back to Banks Peninsula. I just recently went and stayed at a little hut on the coast. I’d love to spend more time there, exploring the little towns and beaches that are scattered around the peninsula. There are so many places around Canterbury that I’ve yet to explore, it’s such a beautiful place and so different to where I call home in Otago.

What's your favourite Duffle&Co piece and why?
My weekender duffle has been a staple in my adventures lately, just the right size for everything I need for multi-day trips and fits so nicely in the truck. I’m currently on a two week long road trip and the Weekender is all I’ve bought with me as I travel around the South Island.

Bri Woolnough with Duffle&Co Weekender Duffle

Bri Woolnough with Duffle&Co Blackwell Laptop Sleeve


To see the Bri Raw Edged Tote, click here.

Want to learn more and see where Bri's adventures take her? Follow her journey on Instagram @briwoolnough and view her website here.

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Duffle&Co utilises traceable blockchain technology

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