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Article: Travel Series: Real life in Bali

Travel Series: Real life in Bali

Travel Series: Real life in Bali

What's it really like in Bali? Should you consider travelling there, or even doing a work stint there? It's a thought many of us ponder after watching 'Eat, Pray, Love', which put this magical island on the map for many. But what's it really like?

We often get asked by you (our lovely curious customers) and by friends and family alike if popping over to Bali is worth the travel, and ultimately what is it like working there? We sat down with our very own Production Manager and Customer Service Guru, Sri Damayanti, to bring you the best up to date knowledge and travel tips.Duffle&Co life in BaliWhat do you like about working remotely?
The opportunity to explore A LOT of cafes and to travel while also working! I love trying new things, food, different type of coffees. Working remotely gives me the privilege to work from anywhere I want to and whether it’s to be by myself or with my friends.

For our nomadic customers that are curious about working for a brand abroad, what do you do in your typical day as a production manager? 
When it’s a busy production week, I visit the workshop at least 3 times a week making sure that everything is done correctly - this means less cafe days! I manage what we make, keep a close eye on the details and liaise with our team of artisans, suppliers, shippers and workshop mum Sundari. This often includes travelling around on my scooter. But when it’s a steady production week and there’s more admin and creative tasks for me to do, I usually work from a cafe or crash my friend’s office to work from there for the camaraderie. Sometimes it gets lonely working remotely, so I like to surround myself with creative people to keep the motivation running.

Where are your favourite spots to work in Bali when you aren't in the workshop?
There’s this coffee shop that I really like and regularly visit - Seniman Coffee! They have 2 shops, in Denpasar and Ubud.

What Duffle&Co pieces carry you everyday?
The Bradley Backpack in Vintage Tan, Cooke Wallet in Navy, and Blackwell Laptop Sleeve in Tan. All time favourites that I use for work everyday!

Vintage Tan Bradley Backpack in Bali cafe

What do you love about living in Bali?
I love that we have plenty of places to go here, any type! Cultural spots, touristy spots, beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, everything! Although they seem to be far, really there’s no such thing as too far away when you’re in Bali. The dogs are mostly friendly too.

What don't you love about living in Bali?
There are no trains!

If you only had 7 days to explore the island, where would you go?
I would definitely want to see a lot of sunrises and sunsets so I’d go camping at Tamblingan Lake for sunrise and to Thomas Beach for sunset. Snorkeling is a must! Menjangan Island will be my #1 destination for snorkeling and to see the deers. I must also try the hottest coffee spot, Seniman Coffee (this I can’t miss!). Last but not least, I wouldn’t want to leave Bali without visiting the 3 Nusa Islands (Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan). This sounds like a very busy 7 day trip, so you might need another 2 months here to recover.

Sri with Beeby Bumbag and dog Bonnie

Can you share any local non-touristy spots with us that are great to visit?
The first on the list, Gajah Mada Heritage! It’s a cultural heritage area in Denpasar with a lot of shops that have been there since I think the 1970's and still well maintained. One of my favourite coffee shops is here, Nadhi Heritage.

Next is Blue Lagoon Beach in Karangasem, I’m not sure if this is not touristy but not a lot of people were there the last time I visited. Also a great snorkeling spot!

Camping, definitely camping! I would recommend Tamblingan Lake for camping, you will love the dogs! I went there twice with friends and my boyfriend, the first time the dogs were really nice but they stole our food when we were sleeping (silly but they're still nice). The second time there was this dog that we named Blacky (because he's black!) and he stayed with us the whole night because we had lots of food, and he put his paws really close to the bonfire to keep warm. Very sweet.

The last one is Werdhi Budaya Art Centre in Denpasar! I would highly recommend visiting this place between June-July for the biggest art festival in Bali (Bali Arts Festival or Pesta Kesenian Bali). There will be a lot of cultural performances including traditional balinese music and dances. There’s also a night market, store booths, and much more. You will find the best souvenirs here too! I used to always go to the festival when I was a kid. There was a booth of my favourite bookstore! Always LOVE going there.
Working remotely with Duffle&Co in cafe
Sri in Bali on beach with Beeby Bumbag
Sri in boat at sunset in Bali
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Got any questions about travelling and living in Bali? DM us on Instagram @duffleandcobags.
Follow Sri's journey in Bali on Instagram @sridamayanti.

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