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Article: Travel Series: On the road with musician Matt Boylan-Smith

Travel Series: On the road with musician Matt Boylan-Smith

Travel Series: On the road with musician Matt Boylan-Smith

Life on the road. It's a somewhat romantic image many of us have for the life of a musician. But what's it really like? We sat down with Australian artist Matt Boylan-Smith to learn more.

We first met Matt when he featured in one of our photo shoots with friend and photographer Erik Rosenberg. Matt is an award-winning Australian Singer Songrwriter, known for his folk-rock style. He has provided the pre-match entertainment for the National Rugby League, and gained national radio play with his single 'We Can Be Together'. Matt Boylan-Smith for Duffle&Co

Tell us about your tour. What places have you got lined up and how long will you be on the road? 

I’m performing in Croatia and Greece. It’s not an overly large tour in scope as I have chosen a mixture of location and affection for old places over a big run of shows. I’m away for just over a month, kicking things off by sailing around the Croatian islands.

Do you have a favourite place to play in?

I’ve had wonderful experiences performing and they’re all different in some ways but Athens does have a special place in my heart. I adore the city for its food, culture and its people. They are avid music listeners and art lovers. 

What is it you love about travelling with the Greenslade Duffle?

It’s a handsome accessory that has been wonderful in that it’s large enough to fit music gear and clothes to get around in, but also convenient to take as carry on for the flights between the counties. It’s solid and well made whilst also looking pretty dapper.

Matt Boylan-Smith with Greenslade Duffle

Any top tips for fellow travellers heading to Europe?

Go out and enjoy it! And head to lesser known cities as the main ones are absolutely teaming at the moment with everyone else out and travelling again. 

What’s something you’ve learnt about yourself when it comes to travelling as a musician?

I think I’ve found that the two are inherently linked. If I’m not travelling for shows then I am travelling to find some sort of meaning, which I think is when I am most creative.

How do you plan out your days?

Trying to balance between trying to relax and exploring! If I’m staying somewhere remote then I will try lean in to that and stay put. If I’m staying in a city then I’ll lean in and soak up as much as I can.

What’s been your favourite food while on tour?

The finest pizza I ever had was in Naples. Something happens to those tomatoes that grow on the side of that giant volcano that looms large over the city. 

Other than our Greenslade, what’s been your best travel companion that you wouldn’t leave home without?

My guitar. I think I compose more on piano these days but as good as the Greenslade is, i am no Mary Poppins and it could not hold such an instrument. If I have my guitar, then I tend to catch most of my ideas when they come. 

When it comes to touring, where to next?

I’ve gotta get back to recording and releasing music, along with some film clips. I’ll be looking to travel and tour more around Australia for the rest of the year but wouldn’t rule out another cheeky trip overseas somewhere.

Matt Boylan-Smith in Greece with Duffle&Co

Matt Boylan-Smith on Greek Beach with Duffle&Co

Matt Boylan-Smith travelling with Duffle&Co on boat 

To follow Matt on his journey join him over on Instagram @mattboylansmith.

You can see more of the Greenslade Duffle here.

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